Video Tutorial: Blending Artificial and Natural Light
June 11, 2013

Video Tutorial: Blending Artificial and Natural Light

Final ImageWhen working with flashes in daylight, it can be tricky to get a natural image from the camera. KesslerU has created an in-depth tutorial on how to achieve a natural look with artificial lighting. We will look at a method that they use to see what the strobes are doing in daylight and help you better control them when the modeling lights are not bright enough to guide you. The key to their technique is subtlety. You may have an urge to crank up your flashes and show off your lighting skills, but that may not get you the best image. In this video Jay Morgan talks about how to work with the sun rather than against it.


Ambient Light

Ambient Light is good but…

Strobe Head

…a little strobe goes a long way!



A simple setup

Light Setup

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