VFOriginal: Welcome to Sedona
July 22, 2013

VFOriginal: Welcome to Sedona

SedonaPart 1 in our Arizona Series! We recently went to Sedona to promote the state of Arizona and film for Miles Partnerships. Along the way we went on a Jeep tour of the canyons, cuddled with baby bears, and took a ride on a floating houseboat. The state of Arizona seriously impressed us and the video, which will air in Mexico City, speaks for itself. Working with our Mexican host, Vange Tapia, was great and made the trip all the more exciting. Below we talk about the limitations we set ourselves and how they paid off.

This video really pushed our gear to its limits, with 90 degree temperatures and 40mph winds, the weather was not on our side. But the experience also taught us that filmmaking is all about solving problems. Even with the most expensive kit, you could still run into adverse conditions, the important thing is how you handle them. On this shoot, we went for minimalism, with a Canon 60D, a single 18-135mm lens, Azden lavs, a simple Canon tripod, and just one 16gb card. Each of these limitations actually pushed us to explore how and what we shoot.

easy transport

Here’s a breakdown:

60D – Great camera and even though its not a full-frame sensor, the flip screen allowed us to get into places the other videographers couldn’t.

18-135mm Lens – Yeah its not an L series, but this is still our favorite lens. It allows for so much diversity and time saved not changing lenses meant no missed opportunities.

Azden Lavs – Good mics, but wind and interference were definitely a problem. Sometimes interference led us to change locations, and boy did it pay off! We explored new places we otherwise would have missed. Happy accidents are sometimes great!

Canon Tripod – Cheap and yet brilliant! It’s so light to carry around you don’t even need to take it off the camera when you go handheld. With some creative maneuvers we managed to execute some great jib-like shots.

16gb SD card – With memory cards, smaller is better! In the past, film was pricey so people took great care in deciding what they needed to shoot and what they didn’t. The same theory goes into the small SD card, when you have less space you’re more careful to get only the absolutely essential shots.


Limitations are good, very good! Check out the video and let us know what you think!


Behind the scenes photos:


Filming Bears

Our Guide

Pink Jeep Tours


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