VFOriginal: A Visit to Los Angeles!
June 12, 2013

VFOriginal: A Visit to Los Angeles!

Los AngelesThinking of visiting the city of dreams and dreamers? Check out our first travel video featuring our own Bogdan Z and Tom T! We spent an entire day touring as many iconic LA destinations as possible. It was a crazy day full of mishaps (wind, rain, 40-degree temperatures? In LA!) but we managed to pull it off and ended up with a gem of a video and a new client!


When a client specializing in travel documentaries wanted to hire us for their next project, they wanted some samples of our travel work. We didn’t have any travel videos, so we planned, shot, and edited this video in 3 days and sent it to them. Luckily they were quite impressed and hired us as their permanent videographers! Here’s to making things happen!


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