VFOriginal: Work hard for your passion and you will succeed…
March 14, 2013

VFOriginal: Work hard for your passion and you will succeed…

Crafts Center…or fail. The Crafts Center was a great example of artistic photography meeting practical applications. But when the University of California in San Diego began cutting art programs, the Crafts Center was in danger of closing its doors. To stay afloat, Chet Wooding, the Director of the center, began silk printing shirts for local businesses. Working into the nights, Chet could print over 300 t-shirts by himself. Our own ViewFinders Avo K. and Bogdan Z. wanted to help out by sharing Chet’s story with the community.

Operating for over 20 years, the Crafts Center created amazing silk screen prints out of photographic art. Originally intended for students, the Crafts Center had to expand its operation to local businesses in order to raise funding for its programs. Without any staff, Chet was single-handedly raising funds for the place he was passionate about.

Bogdan and Avo were so impressed with Chet’s determination to keep this place open that they decided to help out by creating a mini-doc that would raise awareness for the Center. As they delved deeper into the story, they began to uncover more of Chet’s story and how he translated his passion for photography into a practical application.

Screen Printing

Unfortunately, the Crafts Center was closed this year due to lack of funding. This documentary is dedicated to Chet Wooding and his sincere passion for his students.





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