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The ViewFinder is a collaborative of creative professionals dedicated to documentary filmmaking and telling stories that matter. While there are a lot of worthy production companies out there, we provide professional-level production services and, more importantly, a dedicated audience waiting to hear your story. By booking your documentary or promotional work with the ViewFinder, you instantly gain access to a wide audience that shares your interests and is invested in your success.


The ViewFinder offers three packages to meet the needs of everyone. Learn more about each of our packages below and click the ‘Learn More’ button to see what gear and service is provided with each. Ready to start your next project, get in touch!



Everything needed to tell your story. This package includes 2 cameras, lenses, sound equipment, basic lighting, and of course, a great crew that understands your needs.

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Our most popular option! With a full professional lighting kit, Rhino slider, and Macro lenses, the Silver Package is all about professional presentation and beautiful cinematography.

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This Package brings together all of the ViewFinder’s resources into one full-scale production. This 5-person crew uses the best equipment to shoot the perfect video.

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Bogdan Zlatkov

BogdanBogdan is a founding member of the ViewFinder with a knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. After graduating in Creative Writing from the University of California San Diego, Bogdan brought his unique pizazz to the wonderful world of Hollywood. Working at 44Blue Productions, an emmy-award winning television company, Bogdan has trained under the leading professionals in his field. He has worked on hit shows like Lockup on MSNBC and Pitbulls&Parolees on Animal Planet. When he isn’t chasing down a good story, Bogdan enjoys working on his squeaky Mazda Miata and cooking up some intricate Top Chef recipes.


Jangis Marifet

JangisJangis is lead contributing writer for the ViewFinder and an expert in short-form documentary filmmaking. Originally from Izmir Turkey, Jangis came to the University of California Santa Barbara in 2007. Studying around the world in places like Turkey, Prague, Spain, and the United States, Jangis always brings a unique perspective to any project he undertakes. Whether camping through the deserts of California or capturing the urban sub-cultures of Prague, Jangis is never one to turn down a good story. A willingness to put himself in precarious situations has led Jangis to see places most people would turn away from. When he isn’t shooting his latest masterpiece, Jangis likes playing music on his saz, guitar, harmonica, ukelele, or bongos.


Tom Ky Tran

TomTom is lead business developer for the ViewFinder and overall photography expert.  After earning a BA in Political Economy from the University of California, Berkeley, Tom quickly learned he wasn’t satisfied with the typical 9 to 5 job. Whether overhauling a young startup’s business model, programming through the night at a hack-a-thon, or shooting an ad campaign for a local brand, Tom can never be pinned down to one field. As an instructor and volunteer for the NGOs Afroaid and AccionenRed in Madrid, Tom learned that at the core of every story are people who care about something. An adept ability to analyze and distill the core message of a story makes Tom an invaluable asset to the ViewFinder. In his spare time, Tom enjoys fiddling around with database management systems as well as reading up on the latest political debates and philosophy.









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