Good music, Good cause, Good day
November 21, 2013

Good music, Good cause, Good day

Playing For ChangePlaying For Change creates excellent music videos that make a positive impact on the world. Watch their rendition of “Stand By Me” which features over 35  musicians collaborating across the globe and tell us if you think its better than the original. Playing for Change has provided musical education to 600+ students and created 153+ jobs around the world. It is a true testament to the power of film and music.


“Four years ago while walking down the street in Santa Monica, CA the Playing For Change crew heard Roger Ridley singing “Stand By Me” from a block away.  His voice, soul and passion set us on a journey around the world to add other musicians to his performance. This song transformed Playing For Change from a small group of individuals into a global movement for peace and understanding. This track features over 35 musicians collaborating from all over the world; they may have never met in person, but in this case, the music does the talking.”


Playing For Change

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“We built a mobile recording studio, equipped with all the same equipment used in the best studios, and traveled to wherever the music took us. As technology changed, our power demands were downsized from golf cart batteries to car batteries, and finally to laptops. Similarly, the quality with which we were able to film and document the project was gradually upgraded from a variety of formats.
One thing that never changed throughout the process was our commitment to create an environment for the musicians in which they could create freely and that placed no barriers between them and those who would eventually experience their music. By leading with that energy and intent everywhere we traveled, we were freely given access to musicians and locations that are usually inaccessible. In this respect, the inspiration that originally set us on this path became a co-creator of the project along with us!”

Playing For Change Crew

Playing For Change Crew 2 Grandpa Elliot Roger Ridley


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