FREE? | Free film burns that make your videos better
May 22, 2013

FREE? | Free film burns that make your videos better

Film BurnAnything free is a good, especially when it makes your work stand out from the rest! The guys over at Digital Cinema Foundry have generously offered to give-away some free film burns to their loyal audience! Take a look at the video below, if you like what you see, head over to their website to download a few clips for yourself. We’ve begun incorporating some of these effects into our own videos and were very pleased with what we got.

The look typically comes from the misfeed of film through the camera gate behind the lens of a film camera, creating a beautiful but unintended look of red and yellowish or any variety of hues on the negative and the print. Here’s a quick sample:

Head over to the Digital Cinema Foundry to download your FREE Film Burns

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