Mythos | Drawing superheroes for a living
March 20, 2013

Mythos | Drawing superheroes for a living

ComicsPaul Bolger draws comics for a living. “I didn’t want to drive trucks like my old man. I said, if I’m going to be working long nights, it certainly won’t be driving a truck up and down the road. No, I’m going to draw.” Paul began his work in comics, but says that everything is moving towards digital animations. Having worked on classic projects like the Land Before Time, Paul explains what its like to draw for a living in this short mini-doc.

Drawing Digital

“They used to say you have 100,000 bad drawings before you get a good one. I think I’m up to 65,000.”

Live Action

“Our pencils have changed, we don’t use paper anymore. It’s like saying to a guitar player, ‘what guitar did you use?’ It doesn’t really matter.”

 Live Action Film


Produced by Mobius Studio

Directed by Sam Miles



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