An easy guide to get started Color Correcting
March 13, 2013

An easy guide to get started Color Correcting

Color Correction FCPThe first time someone showed me how to color-correct it was a nasty complicated process. So many controls, so many things going wrong, and the only advice I got was “play around with it.” Color-correcting can add tons of production value to your documentary and photography, but most people don’t know where to get started. Well, no need to worry, we’ve assembled three easy color tutorials that take you through the basics.

Start with the most useful basics. The 3-way Color-Corrector can be used for nearly all your needs:

Creative Cow Color Corrector


Here are a few color-correction techniques that get used frequently like warm, cool, punch, etc:

Common Color-Corrections

Using more than one camera? Here is a quick way to match hue and white balance:

Hue Color Correction

And as a bonus, we give you the Sin City Effect! (Caution: use sparingly)

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