American Masters | Martin Scorsese
July 19, 2013

American Masters | Martin Scorsese

martin_scorsese_05Martin Scorsese, one of the highest acclaimed directors of the last century, is profiled in this documentary. With behind-the-scenes looks and commentary from Scorsese himself, this documentary from American Masters is well crafted and gives a unique perspective into an extraordinary life. Even though it was created in 1990, we love the way American Masters mixed past footage with contemporary interviews to tell a story definitely worth telling. Check it out and let us know if you think this mini-doc did justice to the craft that Scorsese brings to his work.


As Justin Morrow of NoFilmSchool so accurately describes, “This documentary is a wonderful piece of work, and well-worth a view (or two), especially because you get to hear about his projects from the one who knows them best — himself. We get to see Scorsese behind-the-scenes working with actors (and talking incredibly fast) demonstrating his control and mastery of the craft.”

“And speaking of control, there’s a great moment in the documentary (around 27:55) where Steven Spielberg talks about Scorsese working with Robert DeNiro, saying that DeNiro is Scorsese’s alter ego. The connection Spielberg makes is a really beautiful one — one that adds another dimension to understanding Martin Scorsese as a director and person.”


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