American Fútbol the 2014 World Cup Documentary
March 4, 2014

American Fútbol the 2014 World Cup Documentary

americanfutbol7,000 miles, 10 countries, 1 goal. American Fútbol is a documentary film and webisode project following  four filmmakers as they travel through Latin America to Brazil for the World Cup.  Starting in L.A., we will travel 7,000 miles, visit 10 countries, all for 1 goal…to experience Latin America’s deep cultural connection to soccer.



Soccer is growing in a big way in the United States, and a major reason for that rise to prominence is the growing influence of Latino cultures in the U.S.  Latin America is crazy about soccer (or fútbol as they call it) and with the World Cup being held in the Americas in 2014, there is no better time than now to explore the influence Latin America has on the United States, through the lens of soccer. The American Fútbol crew will visit all 10 countries in Latin America that qualified for the World Cup in order to better understand each countries’ unique connection to soccer.

The trip will start on April 1 in L.A., move to Mexico, then its off to Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and finally Brazil.

Each country will have a unique story line that will be featured in webisodes leading up to the World Cup in June. Later this fall we will release a feature length documentary from the experience.

Some of the story lines include:

1Club Tijuana’s “team without borders” policy where white American fans cross the border on foot from San Diego to Tijuana for soccer matches.  We will follow a group of fans across the border and go to a Xolos match to experience how soccer brings Mexican and American cultures together.



2David Patey, the Mormon from Utah who purchased Club Heredianos in Costa Rica, saving it from ruin and becoming a celebrity in the process.  American businessman David Patey moved his family to Costa Rica to learn Spanish, with no care for the world of soccer.  When the local soccer team ‘Club Heredianos’ was headed toward financial ruin, he swooped in and bought the club. That year, they won the Costa Rican championship and he is now not only a local celebrity, but a massive soccer fan as well.



3A report on Colombia’s infamous ‘Clinton-listed’ club América de Cali and its attempt to shed its dark, drug-tarnished past. The club’s 1995 inclusion on the Clinton List, a collection of companies banned from doing business in the U.S. due to drug trafficking ties, meant $1 million in frozen assets, a loss of sponsors, and a debt that would mount to $10 million. Under regulations, they could only rely on ticket and shirt sales to keep them afloat and in 2011 they sank. A devastating drop to the second division on Dec. 17 that resulted in riots in and outside the historic Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero. It marked how far they’d fallen.  Last year, they were tantalizingly close to a return to the first division as a cleaned-up soccer organization, but they fell short by only one goal.  Will this be the year?


 american futbol ball

Plus uncensored, on-the-ground coverage of the World Cup from Brazil. We will be covering matches, protests, fan celebrations all month as the world comes together for the biggest sporting event in the world.



The Shooting and the Gear

We are shooting the Documentary with a Canon C300 and 5D Mark III as a B Camera. We will be going pretty light on gear as we will have to carry everything on our backs as we fly in and out of each location. We will pack a tripod, monopod, 1 meter slider with a motor for time lapses, a gopro kit, and audio kit. Our biggest production obstacle is a key light that is portable and packable.  The solution we came up with is to make a key light out of LED strips that can be folded packed away.  We are still in the process making the light, but we have high hopes!

The journalists on our team will be characters in the story as we follow their experience in all these countries. In each location we will have a local host who will guide us and give us a more authentic experience in each country. We are borrowing heavily from Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ in having local experts help tell our story.

Right now, we are in the final stages of our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  The $20,000 Fixed Funding goal we set represents a large portion of our production budget for the film. There are still some cool perks like custom postcards, t-shirts, and movie posters yet to be claimed. Along with a pre-order of the movie. Any support would be immense in getting us to our goal!



You can find more information on our Website: American Futbol

Or track our progress through our Youtube Channel

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