Sergei Gaschak and Anthony Bourdain venture into a Nuclear Fallout zone
March 12, 2013

Sergei Gaschak and Anthony Bourdain venture into a Nuclear Fallout zone

Nuclear Fallout

Chernobyl, Ukraine is officially closed off to human habitation since the nuclear catastrophe of 1986. The meltdown of the nuclear reactor is known as one of the greatest man-made catastrophes of the 20th century. Due to the waves of radioactivity, even today the exclusion zone stretches for several miles around the site of the reactor.

But some choose to ignore the exclusion zone and boldly venture into an area that’s radioactivity is off the charts. Sergei Gaschak recently visited Chernobyl…


Sergei Gaschak recently visited Chernobyl to document the animal life there. Using camera traps he was able to capture a huge amount of species. To his surprise, he found all the animals are quite normal, no two-headed wolves or glowing snakes. In fact, the nuclear disaster has now become a sanctuary for dozens of species.

Read more of Gaschak’s story here


Anthony Bourdain

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Going into a nuclear zone is no light matter, but for those who dare, the payoff is huge. Anthony Bourdain is another brave documentarian ready to take the plunge into the fallout.  On his show, No Reservations, he jumps off the guided tour and ventures into Pripyat, a ghost-town which was once the thriving home of 50,000 Soviet inhabitants. This episode is excellent as Bourdain wanders through the destroyed city carrying a radioactivity meter buzzing with danger.

You can see clips from this episode here:


“Recalling the tragedy that was Chernobyl is spooky enough, but actually visiting ground zero and the surrounding areas of the nuclear disaster will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits, literally.” ~Josh Ferrell, Associate Producer

Get the inside story from the Associate Producer at the Travel Channel Blog



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