Around the World by Private Jet: Nat Geo sends a small group on the trip of a lifetime
February 23, 2013

Around the World by Private Jet: Nat Geo sends a small group on the trip of a lifetime

Nat Geo

The Ultimate Expedition

“Marrakech is a city of turbaned motorists, cross-eyed snake charmers, thick-lipped camels, burlap bags overflowing with cinnamon, ginger, dried roses, jasmine — windows dripping with silver, and baskets rolling in the lost antiquities of Berber kingdoms past.”

National Geographic’s ultimate expedition, costing around $70,000, takes travellers on a round the world journey by private jet. For accompaniment, Nat Geo provides half a dozen specialists and experts who share their knowledge and insights.

Andrew Evans, blogger for Digital Nomad, is at the bitter-end of this incredible journey. At his final destination in Marrakech he writes, “I am sure that this an emotion that all great travelers have felt, from Marco Polo to Edmund Hilary, not when they had reached their goal, but just before they achieved it. The sadness of an adventure waning gently to a close…”

Evans’ blog and his conclusions remind us that documentary work is not only an important field of work, but also an essential personal tool. Wherever your journey takes you, take the time to stop and record it. What you experience today, won’t be what you experience the next time you visit, because although Marrakech might never change, your perspective will.

Be sure to check out the VFOriginal when our own Bogdan Z visited Morocco!


You can read more about Evans’ fascinating experience and his efforts to document it at his blog.

Andrew Evans: The Digital Nomad

Nat Geo Expeditions


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