2 Opportunities to have your mini-doc funded!
August 10, 2013

2 Opportunities to have your mini-doc funded!

Doc-opThe New York Times and Points North are opening a forum for documentary filmmakers! They’re interested in mini-docs and they want to hear your pitches. Each contest has different rules and different prizes, but both sound like they’re well worth a try. We love it when big sponsors help tell meaningful stories, so do you have a great idea for a mini-doc you’d like to make? Let us know and maybe the ViewFinder could help crew your next venture.




Here are the contest specs for each:

New York Times Op-docs:

No submission fee

2 minute or less sample required


$2000 prize to produce your mini-doc

3-10 minute Op-doc to premiere on NYtimes.com


Points North Pitch:

$25 submission fee

5 minute or less sample required


$1000 cash prize

60 hours of sound mix or color correction services from Modulus Studios worth approximately $10,000.

3 consultations with Tribeca Film Institute


Each film should be:
  • Run between 3 to 10 minutes (most are around 5 minutes)
  • Present a distinctive opinion or perspective. Directors may express their views in the first person, through their choice of interview subjects, or more subtly through an artistic approach to a topic.
  • Should fit the tone of Op-Docs. Be sure to check out previous work on the NYT website.
  • Can be an original short film or an adaptation of an existing film, but must function as a standalone piece. No trailers or excerpts from longer works.
  • The strongest proposals will already be in pre-production or production and be able to show examples of footage, though they will also consider pitches at the concept stage.
  • This pitching opportunity is open to all filmmakers who are residents of the United States. The Times welcomes proposals on international topics.
  • Finalists will need to pitch in person at Camden International Film Festival and cover their own travel expenses.


Here’s on of our favorite submissions:

If you’d like to take a look at some examples here are a few to wet your palette:



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