140 Films | 70 Filmmakers | The Big Sky documentary film festival is here
March 12, 2013

140 Films | 70 Filmmakers | The Big Sky documentary film festival is here

Big Sky FestivalWith over 70 filmmakers premiering their documentaries, the Big Sky documentary festival is a fantastic place to meet like-minded filmmakers who are passionate about telling true stories. Eric Warren explains that film festivals are much more than a collection of interesting films, they are a place where you find community among filmmakers.


“I went to several of the filmmaker panels and soon found myself talking to established filmmakers like two-time Academy Award nominee Marshall Curry, as well as mingling with people just starting out on the path.” ~Eric Warren

This year’s festival delivers a hugely diverse array of compelling documentaries, instructive workshops, and great panels. One major theme that was explored was how the digital media is pushing documentaries away from theaters and onto laptops, and while some fear this change, other new filmmakers are embracing it.

“There’s nothing more powerful than a true story well told and the short documentary is much more adaptable to the digital environment.” ~Richard Saiz

More from Matador Network

More from Matador Network

Eric is a Matador Network ambassador and you can read more about his experiences at the Big Sky Festival here

The Matador Network also offers educational workshops for Travel Photographers/Videographers





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